The description below is from the book
DOS the Easy Way by Everett Murdock Ph.D.

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Type: External (3.1 and later)


JOIN d: [d:path]
JOIN d: [/D]

Purpose: Allows access to the directory structure and files of a drive through a directory on a different drive. (In DOS Version 6, this program is stored on the DOS supplemental disk.)


After joining a drive to a directory, the files stored on the joined drives can be accessed as if they were on the specified directory.
Attempts to access the joined drive will result in the display of the error message

Invalid drive specification

If you try to join a directory containing files, the program will display the error message

Directory not empty

You cannot join the current directory. Also, you cannot join to a directory that is more than one level below a root directory or to the root directory itself.

If the directory you specify in the second parameter does not exist, DOS will create it. If the directory does exist, it must be empty.

For more information on JOIN and other hard disk commands, see Chapter 3, Using Fixed Disks, in the downloadable book DOS the Easy Way .


/D - Used to disconnect a joined drive.


To join drive B to the directory FILES on drive A, enter

join b: a:\files

If you now ask for a directory of A:\FILES, the files stored on drive B will be displayed.

After entering this command, attempts to access drive B will result in the error message

Invalid drive specification

To disconnect the join established in the previous example, enter

join b: /d

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