The description below is from the book
DOS the Easy Way by Everett Murdock Ph.D.

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Type: External (6.0 and later)


INTERLINK [client[:]=[server][:]]

Purpose: Allows you to connect two computers via parallel or serial ports; this provides a way for computers to share disks and printer ports (new with DOS Version 6).


Before you can use the INTERLINK command, you must install the INTERLINK.EXE device driver.

CLIENT specifies the letter of the client drive that is redirected to a drive on the Interlink server. The drive must be one that was redirected when you started Interlink.

SERVER specifies the letter of the drive on the Interlink server that will be redirected. THE drive must be on listed in the THIS Computer (Server) column of the Interlink server screen. If no drive letter is specified, the client drive will no longer be redirected.


To display the current status of the INTERLINK program, enter the following:


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