Story about DOS and the blue screen of death

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Posted by Dave2 on July 01, 2012 at 20:00:32:

Here's an interesting DOS story about the windows blue screen of death. When my XP computer refused to start and gave me the BSD, I restarted using my Windows XP reinstall CD. But when I ran the Windows reinstall program, it said it would have to reformat the entire hard disk thereby losing all my years of data. Talk about panic city! The Windows reinstall disk did give me another option: press R to try to repair it. I hit the R key, but all that did was put me into DOS. I did a DIR C: and got an error. It was starting to look like my problem really was a bad hard disk. Talk about panic city (why oh why hadn't I backed up in a while?). With today's gazillion gigabytes hard disks, who knows how much of my hard work was going to be lost? But since I was looking at a DOS prompt, I decided to at least try to run CHKDSK C:. I did it. CHKDSK took about half an hour to run. It found some errors. When it was finished, I again did a DIR C: and HOORAY! all the stuff was there. I realized if necessary, I could back everything up using DOS. But I took a chance and restarted the computer. Guess what? Windows started right up and everything was back to working perfectly. Who says we don't need DOS anymore?

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