dos:Unable to call multiple bat files from single bat file

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Posted by prem on November 16, 2010 at 00:37:24:

I am trying to call the bat file(main.bat) which contains 2 bat files(first, second and first bat files internally calls multiple bat files and outputs that to a file(also echos) and second bat file reads that file and calculates the total and echos back to the dos
so when I execute the main bat file, it is executing the first bat file and giving the results, but the second bat file I dont see it is executing as it is not echoing any results.

Following is the code of the main bat file

D:\DAT\SAS\DMT\Lev1\SASMain\Data\MAMisc\MAbatch\jobs\old_Campaign_DB_Person al.bat --- first bat
call D:\DAT\SAS\DMT\Lev1\SASMain\Data\MAMisc\MAbatch\jobs\Count_db_pers.bat----second bat

Can some body please help me on this?

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